Is Ukraine a part of EU?

Some of readers might also be curious what those two letters EU mean, and for those who do not know let us put some light on it and say EU is abbreviation of European Union. And now we are moving to the main point of the question and the answer is NO, Ukraine is not a part of European Union.

The next logical thought is WHY Ukraine is still not in EU? To be objective, there are few reasons for that. The first one is that for a long time Ukraine was the part of Soviet Union and after its collapse many leaders of old regime became leaders in independent Ukraine. It caused slow movement to the market economy and corruption of the system. Nowadays the things are much better than used to be in 1990s but still far from ideal. EU does not need country with one of the highest corruption levels in the world and partially controlled and selective courts. After Orange Revolution in 2004 the things changed for better, Ukraine was in one step to become associated member of EU and following all the instructions and rules could become part of EU in the nearest future. But that did not happen. Nowadays, in 2012, such facts as imprisonment of Yulia Tymoshenko and Yuriy Lutsenko, lack of freedom of speech and other negative factors do not contribute to the positive image of Ukraine in the world. In such situation European Union would rather prefer Ukraine to be buffer zone between Russia and West.

Though, we would be one sided if describe only listed above reasons why Ukraine is not in EU. The other reason is that Russia has economical control over Ukraine. Russian government would never let Ukraine to join EU, because weak Ukraine is advantageous to Russia. Russia has gas control over Ukraine; it is also the biggest Ukrainian trade partner that provokes trade wars in the political background. One more reason is that not all Ukrainians would like to join EU. Western regions of Ukraine are mostly for Ukrainian cooperation and further membership with EU, eastern regions of Ukraine traditionally have common relationships with Russia and people mentality is more pro-Russian.

All written above is Ukrainian reality and that is why the question “why Ukraine is not member of European Union” is quite controversial and remains open. Some say that Ukraine is too poor to join the EU, but it is not so. Ukraine is extremely reached in resources and people reserves. People are hard working, very good educated, the land is rich in different resources and Ukraine needs only legislative regulation and if it would be possible to reduce the level of corruption the state might became one of the richest and prosperous in the world. By the way, countries like Bulgaria and Romania were much poor than Ukraine and have already joined EU. So, it is not only economical, but also political issue and also belongs on the Ukrainian politicians will, who are divided on those who would like Ukraine to be the part of European Union and on those who would definitely not.

 In 2013-2014 Ukrainians showed on the Revolution of Dignity, they choose democratic Western values. After ex Prime Minister Mykola Azarov didn’t sign the agreement about association with European Union, Ukrainians, mostly students, started peaceful protest. Later Yanukovich and his bandits, using the power of ruling the country, using police, started to beat people on the Independence Square in Kyiv. Protests were rising dramatically and authorities used weapon against peaceful people. All who died for Independence and better life in Ukraine are called Heaven’s Hundred. Ukrainians showed their willing to be a part of civilized EU. Ukrainian politicians are still corrupted and do not show much desire to move to the EU. Again Ukrainians are fooled.