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ukrnetia.com is young website, but we take one of the leader places in Google top on Dating Ukraine. Every day about 100 unique visitors look for information on our website. Their search is connected to such phrases as “marry Ukrainian”, “date Ukraine”, “find Ukrainian wife”, “marry girl in Ukraine” etc. We provide our visitors with information they are interested in. We have very targeted audience.

Targeted Audience

That means if you choose to advertise on our website about dating in Ukraine or connected topics, there is high rate of conversion of such advertisement and most of our visitors could become your potential clients. So, don’t hesitate. Because as proverb says “Think longer, loose more”.

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We post your banner in the left column. The first position up is the most expensive. The lower position, the cheaper posting price is. Banner appears on every page. Banner sizes: 125 x 125;  300 x 250; 160 x 600; You may propose your size as well. You may send us your banner or we can make banner for you for extra money.

We may post article about your service, web page, dating agency. Article must not contain any explicit material, sware words and other immoral material. We allow to have one link in the article to your source. Article will be posted in the top of main page for the period you choose. If you do not have article, we may write one for you, but for some extra money.

If you have your own vision of how you would like to advertise on ukrnetia.com, please, contact us by e-mail    sbudim [at] gmail.com

If you want to post your ad on this website or interested in price, write us to

sbudim [at] gmail.com

We will discuss your proposal, send you our price and find the best solution. We are ready for any type of cooperation! Lets achieve our goals together!