10 golden qualities of Ukrainian women

Romantic Tours” to Ukraine are very popular all over the world: Americans, Canadians, the British, Australians and men from other countries pay dating agencies a lot of money only to find wife in Ukraine.

For example, the British media write that Ukrainian girls conquer the hearts of foreigners not only by natural beauty, but also spiritual qualities and their attitude towards family values. On the other hand journalists lament the fact that Ukrainian young girls have to get married often with old, bald and fat foreigners with despair that comes from material disadvantage.

Many foreigners compare Ukrainian women to their compatriots. In this comparison typical Ukrainian women do not claim competition.

So what’s so special about Ukrainian women? We offer you only a fraction of Ukrainian girls’ qualities that are so appreciated by foreigners and very often ignored by Ukrainian men.

1. Beauty. For many years Ukrainian women are rightfully recognized as one of the most beautiful women in the world. According to the foreigners so many beauties cannot be found on any street of the world.

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2. Domesticity. Ukrainian women like to cook very tasty, keep the house clean and economically maintain family life. Recipes and tips have been sent to Ukrainian women from generation to generation. And Ukrainian women do so not because they “have to”, but because they like to do it.

3. Sensuality. Ukrainian women are passionate and emotional. They display a whole range of women’s feelings: tenderness, jealousy, affection, resentment, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and support.

4. Wisdom. The ability to deal with serious problems, get out of difficult situations, to lead a man to success are those qualities that help Ukrainian women to survive even in the most difficult circumstances.

5. A mother’s love. The love which Ukrainian women give to their children is admirable. No wonder Ukrainian culture has got a lot of songs about mothers and their boundless warmth to their children.

6. Love to work. One of many adjectives, by which writers in their books describe Ukrainian girls, is “hardworking”. “Beautiful and hardworking”, – were the main qualities for enviable bride. Times have changed, but incredible ability to work has left in the genes of Ukrainian ladies. Some women are working more than just one job to provide the kids with all needed, remaining gentle loving wives at the same time.

7. Talent. Ukrainian women love to dance and sing, and have a great sense of humor. Almost every girl in Ukraine has some creative talent.

8. Intellect. Ukrainian girls have a high level of intelligence. Many attend universities after school graduation and later work as programmers, engineers, designers, translators.

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9. Respect for religion and parents. Ukrainian tradition says it is needed to love, respect and appreciate parents and the traditions of generations.

10. Desire to be beloved wife. The majority of Ukrainian women since childhood dream to marry a nice husband and create a happy family, keep home comfort and to bring up children.

  • Lance501

    I want to share my experiences and perhaps offer some advice for American men who are interested in a Colombian wife. I started by joining a group tour from one of the internet website. I spent five days in Bogota and five days in Lima on two different occasions. I met hundreds of women from both countries. However, I never pursued any particular women long term. I did communicate with several women after the tour. Then I met a woman from Lima thru the internet on my own and eventually trying to marry with her. However, the K-2 fiance visa was never approved. So I gave up and met another woman from Bogota thru the internet. She had a tourist visa and came to visit me in the U.S. we were married after one year. However, we had communication problem and eventually divorced after six months. She went back to Colombia. My Spanish was just a beginner. So I went to night school and learned more Spanish. I also practiced my Spanish with many Latina whom I dated in So. Calif. I did not want to marry with any Latina in the U.S. They had too much baggage just liked other women. Therefore I met other women thru the internet and visited them. I went to Bogota, Cali, and Cartagena. I had since married with a woman from Bogota for over 10 years. My advise for any one interested; Speak good Spanish is very important, working as a profession and be able to maintain a middle class or higher life style is critical, your Latina does not expect to help you, her role is to take care of the family in the home. She came from a poor country and she looked for financial stability. She is not materialistic but expect her to spend money to make herself look nice for you. Only American women wanted to look like a slob with ugly clothes and flip flop. Most importantly, find some one age compatible. I was 50 and my wife was 42 when I met her. I did not want to find some one much younger than me. Besides my wife had grown children and she didn’t want any more. I would have to support young children if I married some one younger. Oh, the women from Bogota seemed to be more educated and intelligent than women from other cities; Cali, Cartagena, Barranquilla, or Lima, Peru. I would stay away from Brazil (high crime, Lots of black mixed), or Venezuela (financial and political instability).