Which kind of women often betray their man?

Women who often imitate orgasm during sex with their partner with a high probability betray him.

Those are the results of the study, which was attended among 138 women representatives and 121 man of traditional sexual orientation.

Which kind of women often betray their manThe authors of the research think that simulated orgasms of women can often tell more about the relationship between people. Furthermore, no relationship between the number of orgasms that woman feels and quantity of betrayal she makes was not actually found by the experts. Read also: What date it is better to have sex on?

Generally, it is quite clear that the situation in which a woman simulates an orgasm, can hardly indicate full harmony that prevails in the relationship, but the authors of study believe they can see that this phenomenon related to betrayal and orgasms has much more direct impact than we might think.

Earlier, the American sociologists classified people who betray their partners into two categories. The first group is those who are bored with their partner and the second are those who are unhappy in common relationships.

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