Valentine's Day failed. 5 stories about bad date

We offer you the top 5 of disastrous dates on 14 February which ended not as they meant to be.

Valentine’s Day failed. 5 stories about bad dateStory #1

I and my boyfriend were going to the restaurant and while driving we have tire completely flat... We stopped at 3 AM on the night road. We called a taxi, but it did not come; then my boyfriend called his friends so they bring the tire pump; they came but the pump was broken. In short, till six in the morning my boyfriend had to change the tire on 14 February.

Story #2

February 14 the young man appointed me at the monument known in the town. I came at the appointed time and started to wait but no one came. I called the guy and asked where the hell the prince is and in return I got something unintelligible. The only thing I understood that he is in the bar and buys sugar for the horse :-). 20 minutes later (it was cold outside, by the way) he surprisingly appears with flowers, drunken and riding a white horse; what is more interesting he is accompanied with no less drunk lady and they both are just passing me aside.

Story #3

I liked the girl. We almost met. The case remained for small. I invited her for the first date to McDonald's. At that time it was very cool as it was the only Mac in the city. Everything was going fine, but then she noticed her friends and said she will talk with them and come back. She did not return. I decided that the best way is just leave. But then I came up with a terrible idea – to cause compassion. I called my girl friend and asked her to pretend and play the role for me. I said that my friend needs help, and I have to defend her (later - by valiantly price of numerous injuries). So, having an alibi, I went to beat myself and get dirty. In 40 minutes I went back to McDonald's and told the sad story of how a friend called me, and I saved her. I also told that I have broken ribs, why not? No one believed me, and I offered to call the one who was saved by me. They called and heard the same story with one exception: friend said she was attacked by three and in my story there were six people. I never wrote that girl again. I was so ashamed. Read also: Perfect date? Easy! Here are some instructions

Story #4

The initiator of the first kiss was me. He opened his mouth so hard that his jaw snapped. First Date we held at the hospital. For now we are third year together.

Story #5

I was in early nineties. I met a girl. To organize date I approached thoroughly and bought new bedding; clean, white as snow tablecloth. I was not too lazy to drive on the other side of the city to buy the best cognac; asked to rent friend’s apartment. The late evening. She desperately smoked tobacco. She said that the French cognac smells bedbugs and found in the host's fridge opened bottle of vodka, drank it in one cry of stupid ex-boyfriend, and fell asleep, finally butting her cigarette against clean, white as snow tablecloth. I played Dandy till the morning sipping cognac listening peaceful snoring of tired lady.

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