Ukrainian flag

ukrainian flagEach nation, with its own history, has its historic sanctuary – the emblem, flag and anthem. Symbolism is the embodiment of the struggle for self-determination; it is the historical heritage of people who share their ethnic culture.

The history of Ukrainian flag is interesting and has its harsh sides. During the historic achievements the flag of Ukraine became a symbol of the struggle for national and social rights. Ukrainian national flag implements eternal desire for peace, work, beauty and richness of native land.

The process of final stabilization of the state symbols of Ukraine began in the mid nineteenth century. The concept of the flag finally formed in Ukraine in the early twentieth century, under the influence of the national liberation movement in Galicia, then on the eastern lands in close connection with historical traditions. The fact that the combination of blue and yellow colors inherent Ukraine, evidenced by the fact that Danylo Halyts’kyi (Daniel Galician), establishing in honor of his son Lev Lviv city (first mentioned in 1256), gave its residents emblem, which shows the golden lion on a blue background. And as it is known the flags are usually made using colors that associate with particular land or country. Since Cossack times yellow and blue color combination is beginning to dominate on Ukrainian banners and flags but the unity on the flag had not been achieved yet.

Blue and yellow combinations were logical design that determined the national colors of the Ukrainian nation in modern times (nineteenth and twentieth centuries). Once peculiar tradition of Cossack symbols interrupted, for a long time in Ukraine, which was part of the Russian Empire, the question of national characters did not violate.

The first attempt to create a blue-yellow flag with two equal horizontal stripes and about the size it is now was conducted by Supreme Ruthenia Council, which began fighting for the revival of the Ukrainian nation. In June 1848, yellow-blue flag was first hoisted above Lviv City Hall city. New idea was quickly caught by well known in Slavic world sport organization “Sokoly”. For its first Regional Gathering in Ukraine (1910) yellow-blue flag was specifically made. Since then, the widespread use of the yellow-blue flag begins firstly in Western Ukraine and then in Left-Bank Ukraine.

Special scale these processes acquired during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko’s birth. Yellow and blue flags accompanied the celebration not only in Ukraine (Right Bank and Left Bank), but also in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Orenburg, Omsk, Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, Krakow and other cities.

The impetus for the spread of yellow and blue symbols was the February Revolution in Russia in 1917, after which the national liberation movement has reached a new level. March 22, 1918 the Central Rada (Parliament) adopted the Law on the State flag of the Republic, adopting yellow and blue flag symbol of the Ukrainian People’s Republic.

November 13, 1918 blue and yellow flag became a symbol of the state in Western Ukrainian People’s Republic (ZUNR). It was approved in Subcarpathian Rus’, and in 1939 – in the Carpathian Ukraine. Under this flag population of Western Ukraine met the Red Army in September 1939.

Blue and yellow colors combination finally took shape of national in the early twentieth century. The symbols of Ukraine in their latest interpretation are cloudless sky or blue color as a symbol of peace and yellow wheat fields or symbol of prosperity yellow color.

August 24, 1991 was the proclamation of the Independence Act of Ukraine, and over the house of Parliament the blue and yellow flag was hoisted. Ukraine needed all the necessary attributes of statehood, which belongs to have a member of the United Nations.

January 28, 1992 during the session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Ukrainian Parliament) the Resolution “On the State Flag of Ukraine” was adopted. The new double-sided silk cloth embroidered on German equipment using the latest computer technology, which allows achieving unique effects. Flags of Great Britain, USA and France are made using the same technology. National flag as a symbol of the country is the embodiment of national unity, honor and dignity. Under the colors of National Flag of Ukraine Ukrainians went to the proclamation of an independent Ukrainian state to the peaceful future.