“ucrainegirlstomarry” what is this?

I’m not sure what exactly people are looking on the web under the phrase “ucrainegirlstomarry”, but very often they visit our website with this particular phrase searched. Must say, I would be the liar if I say I don’t know what searchers are looking for.

To spell it right in three different words this phrase would be like “Ukraine girls to marry”. Sorry, we can see not three but four words that make this phrase. There still are mistakes in the spelling. Ukraine is spelled via letter “K” but not letter “C”, so it will be “Ukraine” correct. Although, we are not at the school lesson, there are still mistakes. Now we see them not in spelling, but in grammar.

Phrase “Ukraine girls to marry” grammatically correct would sound “Ukrainian girls to marry”. Word “Ukrainian” means belonging to the particular nation and country, – Ukraine. Ok, since we are done with this…

I have thought, maybe the whole expression “ucrainegirlstomarry” means the address of some particular popular website that helps to find possible future Ukrainian brides and Ukrainian woman who would like to marry no matter whom – their compatriot or foreigner. We have checked the internet and found nothing. To make you feel more comfortable, we will keep on moving to the point.

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