Is Ukraine a part of Russia?

Is Ukraine a part of Russia is interesting issue to those foreigners who does not really know Ukrainian history. Ukraine is NOT part of Russia. Ukraine is independent state that has got independence on August 24, 1991.

The former state Kievan Rus was the predecessor of Ukraine as well as Russia and Belarus. Ancient Kyiv was the capital of Kievan Rus and now it is the capital of Ukraine. During centuries, territory of nowadays Ukraine was divided between Lithuanian Commonwealth, Poland, Russia, Romania, Austro-Hungary. For centuries Ukrainians struggled for their independence and suffered from enslavers. At the beginning of 20th Century Ukraine has already had clearly defined borders and within this borders it was in the Soviet Union.

Now Ukraine is a democracy with all the freedoms. Ukraine is one of the biggest counties in Europe. Its’ population is more than 45 million people. More information on Ukraine you can find on this website and hope after this you will never ask question “Is Ukraine a part of Russia”. This might be not only disrespectful to millions of Ukrainians who faugh for their freedom for centuries, but also will show your bad educational background.