Date in Ukraine

Typically, most dates in Ukraine have the same scenario: first you go to the cafe and then to the cinema or dance in the nightclub. Yes, it’s modern classic, I would call it, but the repetition of the same staff is so boring! After all, the main purpose of a date is to become interesting for your couple, and this should come up with something unusual!

If only thought of many hours of conversation with unfamiliar person makes you shiver, do not go to cafe or restaurant. Spend your first Ukrainian date where there is time for any sporting activity.

1. Sport date. Play darts in a special cafe, go bowling or pool. Playing sports, you do not have to maintain a constant conversation. Moreover, you will have a great way to flirt in good-natured competition and light teasing each other. Or remember moms and dads times and invite your Ukrainian girlfriend to the rink and the best of all would be to choose, the roller one, in order not to make you red because of the cold nose. Forget about everything and just enjoy life. The worse you are skating, the happier you will be and the more fun you both would get.

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We offer you a few ideas for non-trivial date:

2. Adventurous date. This is a type of date Ukrainian girl may play with you. She buys a map of the city and marks there some special places. The man should follow all the hints and finally reach the final destination. The map would not be too complicated; it is more for fun and to make the process more interesting. You have to pass the exam and find her. This could be some cozy cafe or other place where you find her.

3. Dating on the Nature. If weather is good, wear comfortable shoes and go to the park. You can ride a boat or feed the ducks together with your Ukrainian girl. If you prepare yourself something for a picnic a girl could possibly be blown away. For longer visits get both out of the city and enjoy, for example, fishing. But keep on mind your purpose is not to catch a lot of fish, you may even pretend fishing. Above all, do not forget to stock up on warm clothes, blankets, food, matches and endurance. And just try to laugh, cook food on fire, talk about life and count the stars.

4. Horseback riding date. To do this, go to the nearest horse sports. You have no experience in dealing with horses? No problem, just say that you are a beginner and they’ll pick up very quiet horse for you. In addition, each stable groom for a nominal fee will teach you properly stay in the saddle. The main is adventure and some new atmosphere on your Ukrainian date.

5. Date in Zoo. In many big cities in Ukraine you may find zoo, so why not to organize one of your Ukrainian dates there? At the same time check how the new young woman loves animals. Looking at the animals feed geese, make together memory with boa.

6. Museum date. Museums are not just for schoolchildren and the elderly ladies. If you think that your girl will be too bored of dusty pictures, go to the technical museum, or paleontological, to dinosaurs. Isn’t it nice when she hides behind your strong male shoulder, seeing prehistoric monsters.

7. Develop your common culture. Go with your Ukrainian girl to the club for a concert of alternative music or poetry meeting. The output is almost always for a nominal fee or even for free, you can go to the exhibition, meeting with writer, autographs, concert or bards. You can secretly hold hands and, holding back laughter, build from cultural studies. No matter where you go: the Oval Room Conservatory or Retrospective Eisenstein. Above all, do not unfold halfway and start drinking beer at the next bar. As a result, your grandparents will be proud of you. Taking it back for uneducated youth and next weekend will take the keys to the cottage.

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8. Adrenaline Date. Someone for adrenaline jumps with a parachute, someone likes bungee jumping. If this idea scares you, go to a football match or stroll through the roof. There are many options, but such type of dating may scare your love part, so better think twice and better to make definitely not the first date in such style.