10 signs of your emotional betrayal

It happens sometimes that in your relationship everything is ok, but you do not stop to think about another guy. It can be one of your friends, casual guy on the web, or your ex with whom you are on good terms. And you continually catch yourself in a treacherous thought: "What if ..." How can you find out and distinguish you are not just friends.

You're hiding your text messages from the partner

When “that guy” sends a message, you by all means try to hide this fact. It is good to respect personal boundaries, but spyware tricks should alert you at first.

Communicating with “Those Guys”, you lose sense of time

10 signs of your emotional betrayalHours fly by like minutes until you talk with him on messenger, and while you did not say a word during home breakfast staring at the screen all the time. Be careful, as this screen may become a fire alarm for your husband!

You choose another route to see him on your way

We know that when we start a new relationship, friends have less time. Now you are taking time out of your relationship for ... for what? Read also: What are Ukrainian women like

You never call your man in the meeting with “that guy”

Free space in relationships is very useful, but think about why you decided to meet again with your friend one-on-one? If you are not meeting together as couple and friend this one thing, and if it is unpleasant to see the third part at this meeting it is quite another.

You compare your husband with “that man”, sometimes without even realizing it

Your partner was silent all evening again and put on jeans that you cannot stand, but “he” was the soul of the company and dressed in the latest fashion? You play with fire, girl!

You tell “that guy” stuff you do not say to the current boyfriend (husband)

Perhaps this story from your childhood tells more you about than ten episodes from the present and why you would not tell it to your husband?

Sometimes you think what if you were not together

Perhaps by chance, or maybe intentionally, but you allow yourself to think: what if he wasn’t your boyfriend, and you weren’t his girlfriend, how far would you go?  Whom he would date with? Be careful, fringe reality is thinner than you think. Read also: 10 golden qualities of Ukrainian women

You do makeup carefully and for long before meeting “that guy”

To look nice when you go out of the house is not forbidden, but if you spending hours to choose the right lipstick before meeting with “that guy” and will never do this when you are going to meet your man ask yourself why.

You sit very close to each other

At the next party you feel his leg next to yours and you are silent about it for the next 15 minutes. You think about the number and duration of embrace, how many seconds you looked into each other's eyes - and cannot decide whether to be ashamed of it or not.

By reading this article, you see the sight of a particular person

If so, you have two options: to focus on the present relationship or break them and try to find happiness in new. The only thing you should not do is juggle both guys not letting them know. Be honest with everyone, and above all be honest with you.