6 steps to woman’s betrayal

It happens not with every woman, but sometimes you wake up in your bed and see not your husband next to you. And it is not that you don't know who that man is, but night adventure doesn't make you feel happy.

Even if it had happened not at night. Betrayal during the day time at the chief's office is still betrayal, although it is easier to hide. The main feeling after betrayal is the feeling of guilty. Psychologists say that both are guilty when arguing, but in the betrayal is guilty the one who made it. The argument "he caused this to happen" does not work here. In every situation there is a choice: to stay or to leave, to betray the husband or to change something in relations. Actually, the way from the beginning till betrayal is really long. The first hints that there is something not alright in your family nest could be almost unnoticeable, but it is good to notice them until you can control the situation.

Working way

It starts with minor things:

You talk with the colleague for hours and with your husband you speak not much, just answering a few general questions. It seems natural at first as you and your husband know each other very well so there is no need to say some extra words and the colleague needs detailed explanation to understand everything better. But within the time it changes. The colleague at work would seem more interesting collocutor and the husband would be treated as the one who does not understand anything. To understand each other you have to communicate.

6 steps to woman's betrayalMore often you stay at work longer. Sometimes you really need to finish some work badly, but more often for the team building - to get relation with colleagues more informal. Read also: Scientists named the ideal age difference for couples

You complain about your husband not only to your girl friends, but also to the handsome colleague. You tell about your husband's bad habits, unbearable character and you don't even notice how you let to enter the third person in your with husband family space.

Home way

At home you play the role of family-oriented wife and caring mother, reminding your husband first of all you are parents and only then you are wife and husband. You can easily talk with husband about types of diapers and peculiarities of child entering the school, but you don't find time to demonstrate new sexy underwear. You think husband does not care what are you wearing?

You have the rule to postpone sex, because you don't want, you have had ache or you are not in the mood. But if your husband doesn't want to have sex because of the same reasons you suspect him in betrayal. Just at this moment you assume to make symmetric answer. Read also: 10 signs of your emotional betrayal

Everyday family routine sometimes can suck worse than swamp. When the days are the same all the time you have a desire to make your life more varicolored. Wise women are looking for new horizons inside the family, short-sighted - beyond the family.

Why not?

Unlike men, for whom betrayal is kind of fun adventure is not connected or associated with family life, for woman it is often a horror story with self-mutilation, self -excuses and then again the same. So, to be sure that hidden betrayal relations will bring you pleasure is a mistake and not more than just illusion.

Some consider betrayal as an argument which means you are going to win. This is one more illusion. Very often betrayal is the big end of every previous romantic relation.