Reasons for Ukrainian woman beauty: gender and historical characteristics

Beautiful Ukrainian womanIs it true that Ukraine is land of the most beautiful women in the world? There is vivid consensus in these words. Some believe that there is a new phenomenon: a set of “exceptional beauty” of women from Ukraine. Ukrainian women and girls are confident in their special beauty and elegance. The reason for high self-esteem is modern Ukrainian woman idea of ​​its unearthly, exceptional beauty, charm, sex appeal and feminine charm. And why not? Being underestimated for centuries Ukrainian woman has right to behave in such a way in addition to the fact that Ukrainian womans beauty has no one to compete with. Continue reading

Ukrainian women choose the best fiance: Ukrainian or foreigner?

5Among the issues that cause greatest revival among the readers is: “Who is the better, Ukrainian guys or overseas guys”. Especially excited are those whose intercultural experience is purely theoretical. Thoughts are different, like: “All Ukrainian men are unshaven and unkind” or “all overseas guys are gays and stingy”.

Tatiana Ohnivenko, columnist of website, closely followed the progress of discussions and has recently married and Italian. Week in new capacity gave her enough material to reflect on the topic professionally. Continue reading

Do Ukrainian women marry Australian men?

happy family with little son in traditional ukrainian dress on the poppies fieldAustralia. Green continent where wild dingoes are runing in deserts, kangaroos are bouncing somewhere in Australian prairies, and cute koala bear hangs on every tree. The people there do not suffer from flu and colds because eucalyptus groves do not allow harmful bacteria to infect others. The beaches there has such white send as anywhere in the world, the sun is also warmer, and male are beautiful and tanned, entirely Mr. Dundee. Marry Australian and life will resemble a fairy tale with a happy ending. Those are brief features of how average Ukrainian woman imagines Australia. Continue reading

Ukrainian girl

Ukrainian American loveWomen in USA have serious control in everything what is somehow connected to relationship issues. Beauty of human body is not that important to them and it has been replaced with materialism and consumeralism. Such features are hard to find in common in Ukraine, except for rich women from Kyiv or other big cities.

In contrast women from Ukraine keep their bodies in shape, but it does not mean it is the only thing they do. In general, woman from Ukraine is less materialistic, well educated, open-hearted about marriage and family and culrure values that any other girl from the rest of Europe. Continue reading

Ancient Ukrainian woman: Myths about the position of women in traditional Ukrainian culture

Ancient woman of UkraineUkrainian culture is traditionally considered matriarchal, that is dominated by women’s values and women for centuries have rights and opportunities that their neighbors never even dream about. But this is only a myth, says senior researcher employee of the Institute of Ukrainian Ethnology, candidate of historical sciences Oksana Kis. Why gender equality in traditional Ukrainian culture is something illusory, the researcher said in the lecture “Feminist analysis of Ukrainian traditional culture” within the project Feminist Initiative Lviv. Continue reading